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Date 2011-03-03
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Hi Everyone!!
Thanx for stopping by...

 I am very excited to be crafting a guitar for artist Steffen Schackinger. Steffen's new guitar will be a G1 with cutaway and arm rest. Stay tuned for more news and pics when available.

Greenfield Guitars has been selected by Acoustic Magazine (UK) as one of the top 20 guitarmakers in world... and ranked at ...
I am incredibly honored to have my craft recognized by the international acoustic guitar community. Living and working in these times, often referred to as “the golden age of lutherie”, there are so many wonderful guitars out there. Accordingly, I am thankful to all those who “join the family” and choose to play my guitars. Be it a hobbyist, enthusiast, collector or professional touring artist. Frankly, in these challenging times, I am grateful just to have the work I do.

Guitarmaking is a very intimate process. To quote my friend and mentor Tom Ribbecke, “No one chooses a life in guitarmaking for the money. You are a huge success if you are able to make a living”. Thank you all for continuing to support my craft.
Peace and love from the woodnest,

-Michael Greenfield



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