Adam Miller

Australian guitarist Adam Miller’s international reputation was built predominantly around solo acoustic guitar.

Pipo Romero

Pipo Romero, is a Spanish composer and acoustic guitarist from Cádiz who has just entered in the acoustic guitar world with his skills and amazing talent.

Keith Richards

Keith Richards is an English guitarist, singer, songwriter and founding member of the rock band The Rolling Stones.

Colin Hay

Colin Hay may be best known as the lead singer for Men At Work, the platinum selling Australian band.

Andy McKee

Andy McKee is considered one of the world’s finest acoustic guitar soloists.

Yuichi Ishikawa

Yuichi Ishikawa is a Japanese Jazz guitarist and composer.

Steffen Schackinger

Steffen Schackinger is a Danish guitarist, composer and producer.

Neil Hendry

Neil Hendry was born into a musical family. Son of Hugh Hendry guitarist for the Saskatchewan folk band the Prairie Higglers.

Rainer Neumann

What guitar does Rainer Neumann play? Rainer Neumann plays Greenfield acoustic guitar models model G4 G4 baritone model G5

Lizzy Hoyt

Lizzy Hoyt is an award-winning Canadian vocalist and songwriter with the voice of an angel.