Belhadi Youcef “Belha”

Who is Belhadi Youcef?

But it was not until he was 15 that things began to fall into place when his father taught him his first chords. Belhadi Youcef joined a rock band at the age 16 and at 19 auditioned for entry to the Music International Academy of Nancy, one of the most famous schools of music in France. He graduated with special mention and congratulations from the jury. His former teachers encourage him to continue to develop his musical vocabulary and he made his debut in Paris’ jazz clubs, jamming with some of the biggest names in jazz-fusion. Belha’s adventure in the French capital lasted 5 years.

What guitar does Belhadi Youcef play?

Belhadi Youcef joined the family of Greenfield Guitars players in 2013 when he received his G2.2 DADGAD fanned fret guitar. Belha plays with his acoustic duo “Becky and Belha” at private parties, weddings and Luxury Hotels on the Cote D’Azure, is frequently seen on French TV, is an in-demand studio sessions player. He contributes regularly to the magazine Guitar Xtrem, evaluating new gear and writing articles on jazz/funk improvisation. He also teaches at several music schools.

Greenfield acoustic Guitar model G2 BRW
Greenfield acoustic Guitar model G2 BRW