Del Vezeau

Who is Del Vezeau?

While the collective memories of all involved are somewhat vague as to how it occurred, the guitar ended up in small pieces shortly thereafter. His father tried again when he was eleven and the instrument took hold. Having his father teach him bluegrass standards was a great thing in retrospect, claims Vezeau. His father did not stay in that mode for long but the precepts have never left Del Vezeau.

Focusing on the progressive rock music of bands such as Yes, Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd often meant the utter reliance on other members to forge out the parts necessary to achieve ‘the sound’, recounts Vezeau. It was during the quiet moments that the acoustic guitar took on a new appreciation for him and he soon realized that this would be his path. The ‘path’ was of course a hobby and one that floated atop a time line that would not take first place to other endeavors until the release of his debut CD ‘Paradigm’ in 1999.

What guitar does Del Vezeau play?

Del Vezeau plays a Del Vezeau Model fanned fret baritone, and a Model G2.

Greenfield Acoustic guitar model G2 BRW
Greenfield Acoustic guitar model G2 BRW