Pierre Bensusan

Who is Pierre Bensusan?

Pierre Bensusan’s compositions often start with melodies inspired by various folk traditions. But he develops these ideas into compositions of astonishing complexity, creating beautiful and sensuous sounds with a sense of orchestration that goes far beyond what is generally thought of as guitar music. His pieces commonly feature syncopated rhythms, unusual time signatures, and complex harmonic structures. Any guitarist who has tried to learn one of his tunes will attest to the technical challenges presented by his music. Yet mastering difficult fingerings is never the point; what interests Bensusan is the greater challenge of creating the artful statements that seems to flow effortlessly from his guitar.

What guitar does Pierre Bensusan play?

Pierre Bensusan plays Greenfield acoustic guitar model 17” archtop “Altiplanos”

Greenfield Acoustic guitar Altiplanos Archtop Pirre Bensusan
Pierre Bensusan plays The Altiplanos Greenfield acoustic guitar