Pipo Romero

Who is Pipo Romero?

He emerges in the instrumental music scene with “Folklórico”, a self-released album that comes from the heart and it´s an original compendium of styles and roots music (Folk, Country, Classical, Celtic, Flamenco, etc).

“Folklórico” has received great reviews and ratings from the international community which has elevated Pipo Romero to the level of avant-garde in the acoustic guitar world. His unique and characteristic style, based on his particular and outstanding way of playing the guitar (Spanish Acoustic Fingerstyle), has made him one of guitarists to watch out for in the coming years.

The melodies, easily perceived and recognizable in his compositions, highlight his work and his figure as a composer, suggesting a a long lasting musical career with a projection beyond the world of instrumental acoustic guitar. Pipo Romero affirms its dual and synergetic facet as a composer and guitarist, setting his artwork beyond labels and highlighting the music above everything else.