Melissa Greener

Who is Melissa Greener?

Melissa Greener was born and reared in Mo-Town on a dark, dreary, winter, wee-morning. Leaving home at her first chance, she has been touring everywhere, ever since…

“I’m told by my mother (who was a lounge singer at the Playboy Club in Detroit, and a classically trained operatic vocalist) that she would hear me through closed door, singing “like a soprano” when I was a very small girl. My mother was a ballerina. My dad is a hippie. I am in recovery.” Greener tours throughout North America and Europe. She sings truths she’s come to believe in – stretching some, in the name of art… An Austin, Texas based singer-songwriter, Greener currently resides in the East Village of Manhattan.

What guitar does Melissa Greener play?

Melissa Greener plays Greenfield acoustic guitar model G3

Greenfield acoustic Guitar model G3 BRW
Greenfield acoustic Guitar model G3 BRW